13th ECNDT Conference

13th ECNDT Conference

The 2023 program features the most recent advancements in research and development, as well as the application of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) in various industrial sectors.

Past event: Jul 03-Jul 07, 2023
Venue: Lisbon, Portugal
BINDT Aerospace Event

BINDT Aerospace Event

The Aerospace Exhibition will run alongside the event, showcasing the latest products, innovations and technology available to the industry today.

Past event: Apr 25-Apr 26, 2023
Venue: Glasgow, United Kingdom
A Custom-Design Bore Inspection from Phoenix ISL

Custom-Design Bore Inspection from Phoenix ISL

November 30, 2022

Phoenix Inspection Systems Ltd have recently completed a custom-design project for an Automated Axle Bore (AAB) Scanner for conventional UT inspection, with pulse echo probes, of bores from Ø30mm up to Ø142mm with an axial stroke of 3000mm into the bore