Custom Design Transducers Collection

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Phoenix’s custom and application specific special transducers are an alternative to our standard transducer ranges.

At Phoenix Inspection Systems Ltd, we like a challenge and can take on your particular ultrasonic transducer problems and deliver a reliable and repeatable solution. Our custom and application specific transducers are an alternative to our stock transducer ranges.

Modified standard or full custom?

Often we can make a small modification to one of our standard range to deliver a very economical solution based on proven technology. If nothing in the standard range comes close, we can look at a full customised transducer to suit your application.

So where do we start? First you need to have a problem to solve. It’s best if you know the specification of the transducer that you are looking for, but talk to us early as a custom transducer may help in the design of the inspection procedure, and reduce overall costs. If you need help specifying the transducer, we can assist you if you let us know your inspection requirements.

Inspection Standards and Codes

Phoenix ISL transducers are verified in accordance with quality standard BS EN ISO 22232-2:2020.

Some companies or countries have specific procedures or standards which specify an obsolete transducer or a transducer which is simply unavailable. Please contact us to discuss your particular specification as we are usually able to build a transducer which will match or exceed the required performance criteria

Technique Development

We are frequently asked to help with novel technique development. This can require a significant deviation from accepted practices and require novel ways of thinking about an ultrasonic problem. Aerospace composites, wind turbine, marine, cable, rail, nuclear, subsea and power plants are all areas where we have provided solutions to customers that go beyond simply supplying transducers.

Harsh Environments

Our transducers end up in the most surprising of places, from the ocean bed (depths down to 4 km), to high radiation environments. Many applications call for transducers to be used in harsh environments, such as high temperature surfaces, typically found in nuclear power plants and oil refineries. Often, it’s the coupling rather than the transducer which limits the inspection parameters. The particularities of nuclear plants severely restrict the materials that can contact the metal. We have expert knowledge of what’s currently acceptable and work with various laboratories to acquire certifications of chemical composition.

Phased Array

In addition to our standard range of phased array probes, we also offer custom-design solutions. Often the transducer is just the starting point with the wedge performing the difficult functions of coupling, contouring and minimising internal reflections.

To discuss your custom-design transducer requirements, contact the Sales Team on:

t: +44 (0) 1925 826 000