May 30, 2024

Phoenix Inspection Systems Limited has launched a new automated ultrasonic testing (AUT) weld scanner at the 20th World Conference on Non-Destructive Testing.

Front view Orbital Scanner from Phoenix ISL

Orbital is a highly efficient solution that can inspect ID and OD pipe welds through to flat for tanks and vessels of any material; hold up to twelve UT probes; and directly mount any compatible OEM onboard acquisition unit, offering total versatility in one inspection solution.

The powerful scanner comprises an automated carriage with tracks that can adhere to any inspection surface via fully enveloping tension, magnets, or vacuum in any orientation. The incorporated probe pan is configurable to your inspection requirement and capable of holding a single UT probe up to a maximum of twelve probes simultaneously (diameter dependent).

Orbital can also transport a range of accessories to simplify site inspections, including an HD camera, GPS, thermal surface monitor, and optional lighting. This combination of onboard solutions can provide a live visual assessment to support the most precise and efficient defect detection and data acquisition.

Ideal for pipeline girth weld inspection in the Oil and Gas industry as well as ID pipe weld inspection and welds in ferritic and non-ferritic tanks and vessels, Orbital is also suitable for use in the Nuclear, Power Generation, and Aerospace industries.

Orbital is a robust and dynamic scanner that is easy to set up with just one operator and provides an economical scanning solution for multiple applications.

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