Phoenix Inspection Systems Limited are specialists in design and manufacture of ultrasonic non-destructive testing inspection solutions for corrosion mapping, crack detection, weld testing and composite inspection.

Phoenix EYE Inspection Camera

Phoenix EYE is a small, robust inspection camera delivering sharp, high-definition imagery for remote inspections.

Easily mounted onto automated scanners, this rugged camera observes scanning motion to enhance the integrity of inspections and ensures transducers are reliably coupled to the inspection surface.

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Radial Nozzle Scanner with probe skew

NozzleScan is a versatile, low-profile manual scanning solution developed for the inspection of nozzle welds in both set-through and set-on configurations, with the option of a motorised version for automated inspection.

Available for two-axis and three-axis instruments and adaptable to cover a wide range of 90 degree nozzle sizes, from 3” upwards, on ferritic and austenitic materials.

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Robust TOFD scanner

The Duo scanner is a robust, ergonomic scanning frame with operator-friendly features offering fast setup and reliable, repeatable TOFD inspections of pipe welds, from 2”OD up to flat plate.

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The Phoenix EYE providing visibility for remote inspections

Phoenix Inspection Systems Ltd have launched their latest inspection accessory – the Phoenix EYE. A small, robust inspection camera delivering.

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Phoenix ISL appoints Technical Sales Engineer

Phoenix Inspection Systems Limited is pleased to announce the appointment of Chris Canham as Technical Sales Engineer, responsible for developing.

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TSIS MDH and Prism

Turbine Shaft Inspection System

Combines both ultrasonic and eddy current techniques simultaneously, for highly accurate volumetric and surface inspections of rotor bores of varying diameters and lengths.