March 31, 2023

The Phoenix ISL Wire Encoder is an invaluable tool to expand your inspection capabilities and is now available to order as a stand-alone product.

The light-weight Wire Encoder is quick to set-up and offers freehand scanning – up to 3m from a single position, without the constraints of a scanning frame.

Available with magnetic, vacuum or clamp mounts the Wire Encoder is a versatile tool that can be mounted to any inspection surface and enables C-scan inspection in areas with limited access.

The Wire Encoder is compatible with the Phoenix C-Clamp which can hold any probe and wedge combination up to 55mm wide.

Andrew Brewis, Sales Manager for Phoenix Inspection Systems said: “The Wire Encoder is a key component of the Phoenix Tracer – our hugely popular X-Y mapping system. Now, following increasing customer demand and inspection trends, we are pleased to offer the Wire Encoder as a stand-alone product. Combined with the range of mounting options available, it makes a truly versatile and low-cost inspection tool.

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