March 15, 2022
PhoenixISL Eye Remote Inspection

Phoenix Inspection Systems Ltd have launched their latest inspection accessory – the Phoenix EYE. A small, robust inspection camera delivering sharp, high-definition imagery for remote inspections.

Easily mounted onto any automated scanner, the Phoenix EYE provides high definition 1280×720 colour video in a stainless steel bodied high-definition (720p) camera, capable of sending 30fps colour video over long distances of standard co-axial cable (100m) with near-zero lag.

This rugged camera allows the operator to observe the scanning motion to enhance the integrity of inspections and ensure that transducers are reliably coupled to the inspection surface. The Phoenix EYE can be invaluable in hazardous environments when remote inspection is necessary and in areas with minimal access or when navigating around obstacles.

With an IP68 rating and built-in illumination, the Phoenix EYE is a great asset for underwater inspections. An internal anti-fog coating prevents misting in humid or high-temperature environments.

Originally developed for custom-design solutions, the Phoenix EYE has already been in operation for almost a year, in the nuclear industry and has a proven performance record.

Andrew Brewis, Sales Manager at Phoenix ISL said: “The Phoenix EYE is an invaluable piece of kit for remote inspections and is now available to our customers to integrate with the Phoenix SAW Bug or your existing automated scanner and is compatible with conventional CCTV equipment.”

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