December 1, 2012
TSIS boresonic scanner
C4657 Pheonix Inspection Systems

Taipower, the Taiwan power company, has taken delivery of a new inspection system for steam turbine bore inspection using ultrasonics and eddy currents from Zetec in Canada and Phoenix Inspection Systems in the UK.

Phoenix has supplied a boresonic scanner based on its popular TSIS (Turbine Shaft Inspection System) model, which is used by leading operators in plants throughout the world.

Phoenix worked closely on the project with Zetec, which supplied the control and acquisition systems. The system will be used for testing rotor bores within Taiwan power plants and also for repairs in the workshop.

Turbines are subject to major stress and rotor shafts require regular inspection to check for corrosion or fatigue. Testing is also an active way to extend the life of plants and improve cost-effectiveness. The TSIS fully automated system can test turbine shafts ranging from 70mm to 300mm in diameter and up to 14m long in only one shift. This latest version incorporated a support and leveling table to improve the set-up time.

Bryan Forth, project manager with Phoenix, said: “TSIS set the standard for the inspection of turbine shafts and it remains popular with clients around the world, as this latest order demonstrates. The design of the system facilitates helical scanning and allows the head to rotate continuously without damaging any cables. It also means ultrasound and eddy current scans can be carried out simultaneously, which saves doing two separate inspections.”