January 26, 2012

The SWIPE scanner was created with the aerospace industry in mind and is ideal for use in maintenance and repair operations. Its lightweight portable design allows operators to carry it to the aircraft to perform fast and accurate C-Scan inspections with no set-up time.
The two-axis manually-operated X-Y scanner is suitable for inspection with an ultrasonic phased array, conventional pulse-echo, or eddy current techniques. It enables quick C-Scan inspection of flat or curved components with unlimited travel in one direction.

The SWIPE scanner from Phoenix ISLThe SWIPE scanner is fully encoded on both axes and can be configured to operate with any probe and wedge combination. The innovative design allows the swiping arm to be interchanged to allow coverage from 400mm up to 800mm. The wheels allow unlimited scanning in the rolling direction and can be replaced by magnetic wheels for use in other applications.
The SWIPE scanner incorporates quick-release brakes on both axes to ensure stability whilst performing a scan. Also included is a three-button junction box that can be configured to start, pause, and save scans, providing the user with more control without the need to leave the scanner.
Paul Ryan, Phoenix sales manager, said: Phoenix has been increasingly active within the aerospace sector and has been working with several leading manufacturers to assist them with their NDT requirements.
We recognised that there was a need for a small, transportable unit that could be taken to the plane to provide rapid inspections as part of the repair and maintenance operation. The SWIPE scanner was designed to fill the gap. It is ready to inspect straight out of the box and does not require any installation time. It is more lightweight and portable than current scanners and can cover a relatively large area for its size.