Flexible Phased Array Scanning Tool

WrapIt is a flexible ultrasonic phased array probe that conforms to the shape of the component.

A flexible array transducer is housed in a rubber enclosure that both protects and pre-forms the array, allowing adaptability to scan parts with changing curvature.

Typical applications for WrapIt include curved composite laminates found in:

  • Aerospace: wing spars, aerofoils, stringers, leading-edge
  • Marine: mast, hull, rigging, rudders
  • Wind Energy: blade spar, leading-edge
  • Motor Racing: aerodynamic components

The array can be easily interchanged between rubber housings to scan different radii. Every housing is suitable for inspecting a range of radii without any mechanical adjustment required.

Attached to the WrapIt is a wheel encoder positioned to run on the radius so it is clear of the panel cutouts and gaps. The high-resolution encoder is waterproof and sprung loaded onto the part giving a stable and reliable operation.

WrapIt incorporates low friction plastic skids to provide stability and a smooth scanning motion.

Within WrapIt, between the array transducer and the component is a flexible rubber delay line. This is accompanied by coupling irrigation channels that feed water to the front face of the probe providing consistent continuous coupling of the ultrasound.

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Flexible Phased Array Scanning Tool


Standard Kit

  • Flexible array transducer
  • Rubber housing set to a nominal geometry
  • Encoder with 5m cable
  • Protective carry case


Phoenix ISL WrapIt - Ultrasonic Flexible Array Tool


  • Flexible array transducer for use on concave or convex radii
  • Rubber housing set to nominal geometry limits the variation for protection against accidental damage
  • Spring-loaded waterproof wheel encoder. IP68 rated
  • Encoder Resolution: 65.6 steps/mm
  • Frequency 1—10MHz
  • Number of elements 8, 16, 32, 64, 128
  • Element pitch 0.3—2mm
  • Minimum bend radius is dependent upon the frequency and size (e.g. 5MHz; 1mm pitch achieves ±R15mm; 10MHz, 0.3mm pitch achieves ±R3mm)


  • Conforms to the shape of the component or inspection surface
  • Simple inspection setup as the probe is always normal to the surface
  • No adjustment is needed when scanning a changing radius
  • Cost-effective for multiple geometries as a single transducer can be used in several housings
  • Compatible with standard phased array instruments

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