Single or dual direction manual weld scanner

Swift is a compact single axis, magnetic wheeled scanner that holds a pair of TOFD or phased array probes for weld inspection. This low profile scanner operates on 3” pipe (Ø88.9mm) up to flat. Swift has the innovative option of pivoting wheel units to enable B or D scans.

Designed to complement the Phoenix manual scanner range, Swift provides a simple scanner design capable of accurate high performance inspections in difficult-access areas. Swift comes complete with a spring loaded waterproof wheel encoder to provide accurate position recording for defect sizing of welds. The tool-free probe holders provide the operator with quick setups and adjustment of probes and wedges.

Two sets of rubber tyred magnetic wheels firmly attach the Swift scanner to ferritic inspection surfaces, providing stability and a smooth rolling action, whilst scanning. The single direction Swift is fitted with a brake to fix the scanner’s location at any point, allowing the operator to let go of the scanner partway through the inspection then resume scanning at the same point. Complete with a high-resolution encoder (65.6 steps/mm), the Swift scanner offers exceptional flexibility and signal quality in a compact user-friendly unit.

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Single or dual direction manual weld scanner


Standard Kit

  • 1 x Swift scanner frame including handle and 2 fixed magnetic wheel units with brake system
  • 1 x Spring-loaded waterproof encoder with 5m cable
  • 2 x Spring-loaded tool posts (probe holders)
  • Irrigation tubing and Y connectors
  • Rugged carry case

N.B. Probes and wedges not supplied with standard kit



  • Spring loaded waterproof wheel encoder. IP68 rated
  • Encoder Resolution: 65.6 steps/mm
  • Spring-loaded tool posts can be locked-off the scan surface
  • Brake system locks scanner in position for single  axis inspections
  • Thumbscrews eliminate the need for any tools
  • Four magnetic wheels provide firm attachment, stability and smooth rolling action on ferritic materials
  • Ergonomic cable management
  • Frame Construction: Light aluminium frame with operating handle
  • Scanner Dimensions (mm): L 385  x  H 95 x  W 230
  • Termination: Compatible with all acquisition units
  • Range: 3” pipe (Ø88.9mm) up to flat plate


  • Operates on 3” pipe (Ø88.9mm) up to flat
  • Accurate positional data acquisition via high resolution encoder
  • Versatile pivoting wheel option for B or D scans
  • Innovative toolpost ‘lift and lock’ feature: allows for quick change of wedges
  • Reliable brake system locks scanner in position, maintaining scan position
  • Ideal for difficult to access areas
  • Universal tool posts can hold TOFD or phased array probes and wedges
  • Tool-Free — adjustments made using thumbscrews
  • User-friendly — can be operated using just one hand
  • Cost-effective TOFD and phased array inspections

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