The Stud Inspection Manipulator (SIM) is designed to inspect vessel studs and fix bolts without removal.

The Stud Inspector Manipulator passes a probe head down the central heating hole and provides a full-length scan of the bolt. It is capable of carrying six probes (pulse echo and TOFD) and can perform a helical or raster scan.

With its flexible modular design and simple set-up procedure (less than 10 minutes per bolt), the Stud Inspector Manipulator is a popular choice for the power industry.

Originally designed for the in-service inspection of studs in the bore, the SIM is attached to the face of the bolt and passes the probe head down the bore of the stud.

It is ideal for studs and fixings with central heater holes, typically used for turbine casings, nuclear vessel and pump flanges, generator radial holes, and small diameter bores in forgings such as gas turbine rotors and rail axles.

With its flexible modular design, the Stud Inspector Manipulator can be used for all applications simply by changing parts such as the mounting flange and the probe lances.

Improving Efficiency In The Power Sector

Increased competition in the power industry has created a need for more efficient plant operations. Operators’ desire to decrease outage time and extend inspection intervals makes advanced and reliable NDE critical.

Systematic maintenance and inspection also guarantee continuous plant availability in the long term. The Stud Inspection Manipulator by Phoenix ISL is a favourite in the power industry, due to its reliable operation and results and ability to reduce downtime. Customers tell us that by using the SIM, they have been able to carry out inspections in-situ, and on previously inaccessible bolts. The SIM is easy to assemble and remove and can operate unattended during scanning, designed to prevent physical damage to the plant. All exposed materials are low in halogens and sulphur and parts are tethered or captive if they need to be released during assembly or dismantling. In the event of a temporary loss of service, the inspection can be restarted without operator intervention at the workplace and if services are permanently lost, it is still possible to remove them.

Safety Features

The Stud Inspection Manipulator is inherently safe. Both axes will not backdrive under their weight. It cannot be connected incorrectly and the motors cannot be energised without first connecting the limit switches and encoders.

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The Stud Inspection Manipulator (SIM) is designed to inspect vessel studs and fix bolts without removal.

Standard Kit

  • Scanner only (excludes Lances and Mounting Adaptors)
  • 10m cable and connections to Motor Controller
  • Hardigg type transport crate (can be replaced by 3 off Pelicase)


  • Carries up to 8 ultrasonic or eddy current channels; if using a phased array ultrasonic probe up to 16 elements
  • Standard stroke length is 870mm – other lengths are available
  • Probe lance sizes 16mm to 95mm diameter – other diameters are available
  • Probe lance extensions allow the inspection of longer bores
  • Overall length is only 205mm more than the maximum stroke length
  • Width 120mm
  • Can perform helical or raster scans
  • Operates in a restricted envelope
  • High immunity to external noise, essential for TOFD inspections
  • High temperature options available