Orbital is a powerful and versatile flexible track mounted scanner capable of transporting a range of onboard accessories to simplify site inspections.

A highly efficient automated ultrasonic testing (AUT) solution for ID and OD pipe weld inspections, through to flat on any material.

Orbital comprises an automated carriage with tracks that can adhere to any inspection surface via fully enveloping tension, magnets or vacuum providing versatility with just one scanning solution. The track can be used in any orientation on either the outside (10” – 40”) or the inside (44” upwards).

The incorporated probe pan is configurable to your inspection requirement and capable of holding either a single UT probe up to a maximum of 12 probes simultaneously (diameter dependent).

In addition to mounting multiple transducers the powerful drive system can also mount a compatible onboard acquisition unit, in addition to scanning accessories including an HD camera, thermal surface monitor or optional lighting. This combination of onboard solutions can provide a live visual assessment for the most precise and efficient defect detection and data acquisition.


Typical Applications for Orbital include:

  • Pipeline girth weld inspection
  • ID Weld inspection in ferritic and non-ferritic pipes
  • Welds in ferritic and non-ferritic tanks & vessel


Ideal for use (but not limited to): Oil & Gas, Nuclear, Power Generation and Aerospace

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Standard Kit

  • 1 x Flexible tension track to suit 10”- 40” OD pipe
  • 1 x Orbital Scanner Carriage
  • 1 x Probe Pan (configurable to inspection requirement)
  • 2 x Probe Pan Wings
  • 1x Umbilical (various lengths available)
  • 1x Orbital Scanner Drive Controller


Orbital Scanner - Phoenix ISL


Orbital Scanner – Carriage 

Dimensions (mm)330W x 307L x 176H
Mass (kg)7.4
Max Payload (kg)20
Max Scanning Speed (mm/s)
Conditions Dependent
Min = 0
Max = 60
IP RatingIP65
Operating Temperature (°C)Min = -10
Max = 50
Operating Humidity (%)10-90
Power Requirements90-260 V AC

Orbital Scanner – Probe Pan

Dimensions (mm)348W x 383L x 142H
Unladen Mass (kg)1.9
Axial Stroke (mm)~250
Radial Stroke (mm)65

Orbital Scanner – Probe Pan Extra Wing

Dimensions (mm)354W x 201L x 40H
Unladen Mass (kg)0.7
Axial Stroke (mm)~250

Orbital Scanner – 20″ OD Track

Track Material316 SS
Track Foot MaterialDelrin
Straight Track Length (mm)1915
Standoff Height (mm)~50

Orbital Scanner – Umbilical 

Length (m)5, 10, 20, 30
Recommended Content2 x Phased Array
8 x Conventional UT (Lemo 00)
1 x Couplant Tube
WrappedVarious wraps available


  • Versatile
    • OD Pipe weld inspection 10” – 40”
    • ID Pipe weld inspection 44” upwards
    • Tank and Vessel weld inspection
  • Compatible: Works with any OEM’s Acquisition Unit – Mounted directly to the carriage or stand-alone. A rack mounting option is also available.
  • Dynamic: Adheres to any inspection surface using applicable track mount options.
  • User-Friendly: Lightweight components for easy set-up with one operator.
  • Economical: One scanning solution for multiple applications.

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