Corrosion Mapping Scanner

The MapMan – OH scanner is a two-axis manual X-Y scanner designed for use with the Olympus HydroFORM probe. MapMan is fully encoded on both axis and has the ability to inspect pipes from 4” OD through to flat on any material.

The unique free-moving arm allows for the inspection up to a maximum stroke of 550mm. The scanner has sets of magnetic wheels which give the scanner rigidity and stability when performing an inspection. This enables data to be collected in a simple, fast, and cost-efficient manner by eliminating the need to re-scan areas.

The scanner design incorporates an overlap feature that can guarantee 100% coverage of the component. An additional feature of the scanner allows the operator to use it on non-ferritic material simply by removing the magnetic wheels and replacing them with a belt at either end of the arm, available from 4″ OD up to 48″ OD.

The MapMan is designed to operate with any multi-channel flaw detection system.

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Corrosion Mapping Scanner

Standard Kit

  • 1 x 800mm arm with 50mm increment rail
  • 1 x HydroFORM kit with 7.5m cables (incl. encoder)
  • 1 x cradle to hold the HydroFORM
  • 2 x set of magnetic wheels
  • 1 x linear encoder with 7.5m cable
  • Irrigation tubing and accessories
  • Protective carry case



ModelProbeLength mm (in.)Height mm (in.)
MapMan 12”HydroFORM950 (38)155 (6.2)
MapMan 24”HydroFORM1875 (75)155 (6.2)
MapMan 36”HydroFORM2825 (113)155 (6.2)
MapMan 48”HydroFORM3750 (150)155 (6.2)


  • Dual axis encoding
  • Magnetic wheels for stability
  • Increment rail with pre-defined grooves
  • For use on components from 100mm (4”) outside diameter through to flat
  • Maximum stroke inspection up to 550mm
  • Weight: 3kg – 5kg (dependent on configuration)
  • Spring loaded waterproof wheel encoder. IP68 rated
  • Encoder resolution: X = 65.6 steps/mm Y = 1000 steps/mm
  • Encoder connector: Any

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