Circumferential & Longitudinal Weld Scanner

The highly versatile MagMan can hold up to twelve probes, so is ideal for inspections requiring a combination of phased array, TOFD pairs or multiple UT probes.

This rugged weld inspection scanner incorporates components with quick release features for fast tool-free adjustments in the field.


Typical applications for MagMan include:

Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Industry – Pipe welds from 2” OD circumferential and 9” OD longitudinal up to flat on ferromagnetic materials.

Compact yet robust, MagMan benefits from large magnetic wheels providing a stable platform and a smooth rolling motion. The frame includes angular adjustment to enable the scanner to be used on small diameter pipes and incorporates three increment rails for more accurate PCS measurements.

Up to twelve transducers, arranged as six pairs on either side of the weld are mounted on to spring-loaded toolposts that push them onto the inspection surface with a constant force, providing a stable positioning system. The toolposts incorporate gimbals in two directions to ensure the transducers stay in constant contact and accommodate surface variations.

Many features of the user-friendly MagMan allow for tool-free adjustments for ease of use including, a waterproof spring-loaded wheel encoder, quick release toolpost and wheel adjustments and quick release wedge changes.

MagMan can operate with any multi-channel flaw detection system and optional accessories include, tracking bands to maintain scanner alignment and direction and a laser guide for the operator to track a weld line by eye.

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Circumferential & Longitudinal Weld Scanner


Standard Kit

  • 1 x Adjustable scanner frame
  • 4 x Magnetic wheeled suspension units
  • Waterproof spring-loaded encoder wired for any system (includes 5m cable)
  • Standard Tool-posts (see order information for quantities and codes)
  • 2 x Phased array wedge cradles (applicable to PA models only)
  • Accurate tracking via guide bands or laser guide
  • 1 x Rugged hand carry case



  • Holds from 2 up to 12 probes
  • Quick release adjustments throughout
  • Frame incorporates three measurement rules for accurate probe separation
  • Probes independently sprung and gimballed
  • Independent suspension on all 4 magnetic wheels for uneven surfaces
  • Accurate tracking via guide chain or laser
  • Spring loaded waterproof wheel encoder. IP68 rated
  • Encoder Resolution: 65.6 steps/mm
  • Compact design: 350mm x 325mm
  • Lightweight yet robust aluminum frame: 3kg


  • Versatile solution holding up to 12 probe combinations of phased array, TOFD and conventional UT
  • Adaptable scanner covers from 2” OD circ and 9” OD seam welds, up to flat
  • User-friendly quick release adjustments for ease of use in the field
  • Accurate PCS measurement using increment rails
  • Customisable with a wide range of accessories or for custom applications
  • Robust construction for site conditions
  • Compatible with any manufacturers probes, wedges and flaw detectors

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