M-Skip or Multi-Skip Ultrasonic transmit-receive probes and wedges for use either side of obstructions.

Multi-Skip or M-Skip probes and wedges offer an ultrasonic solution for corrosion detection of typically difficult-to-access areas of pipelines; around obstructions such as pipe supports, clamps, and saddles.

M-Skip is an ultrasonic ‘transmit-receive’ method that locates probes and wedges either side of an obstruction. Ultrasound is transmitted through the wall of a pipeline or inspection surface, beneath the external obstruction, and is received on the far side. The ultrasonic waves ‘skip’ between the internal and external surfaces and the arrival times of the signals are used to calculate wall thickness. Corrosion is detected through loss of signal amplitude, reduced signal arrival times, and changes to signal shape.

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M-Skip or Multi-Skip Ultrasonic transmit-receive probes and wedges for use either side of obstructions.



M-Skip Wedges
Product CodeVelocity (m/sec)Beam AngleBeam TypeCouplant Probe Thread sizeSearch Probe Thread sizeDimensions
L (mm)W (mm)H (mm)
  • Wedges can be contoured, at an additional charge, to suit any surface profile. State diameter and direction when ordering.
M-Skip compatible Probes
Product CodeFrequency (MHz)Crystal Ø (mm)Probe Size Ø x H (mm)Thread SizeConnector
CDTOF 2/022610 x 30M12Lemo 00
CDTOF 2/0421217 x 30M20Lemo 00
CDTOF 3.5/033.5917 x 30M20Lemo 00
CDTOF 3.5/043.51217 x 30M20Lemo 00
CDTOF 5/015310 x 30M12Lemo 00
CDTOF 5/025610 x 30M12Lemo 00
CDTOF 5/035917 x 30M20Lemo 00
CDTOF 5/0451217 x 30M20Lemo 00
CDTOF 7.5/017.5310 x 30M12Lemo 00
CDTOF 7.5/027.5610 x 30M12Lemo 00
CDTOF 10/0110310 x 30M12Lemo 00
CDTOF 10/0210610 x 30M12Lemo 00
CDTOF 15/0115310 x 30M12Lemo 00
CDTOF 15/0215610 x 30M12Lemo 00
  • Probe dimensions supplied exclude connectors, gimbal pins and couplant nozzles
  • Probe diameter measurements are to the widest point
  • Technical datasheets available free of charge upon request, for certain transducers across the range
  • Please refer here for transducer certificate and document options