Gyro is a versatile single encoded, rotary axis manual scanner for C-Scan inspection.

The highly adaptable design allows the rugged rotary scanning platform to attach to the ends of studs, bolts, pins and pipes via interchangeable jaws, covering a wide range of applications.

Gyro can be supplied with a range of clamping jaws to securely fit to either the inside diameter (ID) or outside diameter (OD) of components of varying shapes and sizes or pipes for application-specific inspections.

Gyro’s scanning platform mounts to the scanner body and houses a phased array probe and automated UT probe on adjustable tool post rails. An integrated high resolution, non-slip encoder allows the operator to accurately position the sensor bay on and around the end of the inspection site and rotate the platform with a smooth scanning motion to produce C-scan inspections.

Robust and ergonomic in design and materials, Gyro can be operated by just one inspection engineer and is compatible with any industry standard instrumentation.

A versatile scanning solution for operators in the Oil & Gas, Nuclear and Power Generation industries.

Typical applications for Gyro include:

  • Oil & Gas – Stud, Bolt, Pin and Pipe Inspection
  • Nuclear and Power Generation – Stud, Bolt, Pin and Pipe Inspection

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Gyro is a versatile single encoded, rotary axis manual scanner for C-Scan inspection.

Standard Kit

  • 1 x Gyro Scanner Body
  • 1 x Gyro Scanning Platform
  • 2 x Standard Removeable Jaws
  • 1 x High-resolution Encoder
  • 1 x Conventional Toolpost
  • 1 x Phased Array Toolpost
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Rugged Carry Case


Gyro - Rotary Axis Scanner


  • Suitable for inspections on bolts ranging from 55mm to 125mm across flats (other jaw sizes available)
  • Interchangeable locking jaw units
  • High resolution waterproof encoder. IP68 rated. (150.3 steps per degree)
  • Single axis encoder (can be modified for dual axis encoding)
  • Toolpost rails accommodate up to two ultrasonic transducers
  • Transducers can be adjusted along the centreline
  • All aluminium components hard anodised
  • Robust, hard wearing components for use in plant environments
  • Two in-built scales for inspection set-up
  • Tethered and captive parts (where practicable) to support onsite safety
  • Payload: Variable per application
  • Weight: 5kg
  • Scanner dimensions (mm): L 400 x H 100 x W 225


  • Versatile solution for use on a wide range of component diameters, shapes and pipes
  • Fast Set-Up – Allows for quick changes between component sizes with a simple adjustment
  • Ergonomic design for ease of use by operator
  • Cost effective solution for inspections on both components and pipes
  • User-friendly – Inspections can be carried out by just one operator
  • Customisable – Automated and dual axis design options available
  • Compatible with industry standard instrumentation

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