1-4 Axis Motor Controller

Drive is an ‘all-in-one’ scanner controller, capable of manipulating one to four motorised axes simultaneously in a precisely controlled and coordinated manner.

Using Linear Amplifiers, rather than noisy pulse width modulation, Drive can produce 150W of motor power, with minimal interference to UT, TOFD, PA and EC signals, enhancing inspection quality and reducing inspection time.

Equipped with a powerful Windows 10 integrated touchscreen PC for control, Drive has built-in automated scan plans which are fully customisable. A flexible GPIO interface permits synchronised control over other equipment such as pneumatics, sensors and cameras.

Drive has a familiar “umbilical” connector that makes it simple to connect to existing scanning equipment and has the added advantage of remote control via Ethernet, so can remain in-situ on sensitive inspection sites without an on-site inspection engineer.

Whilst Drive performs best with Phoenix ISL scanning solutions, it provides general purpose and customisable control software to work with any scanner up to 4-axes of movement.

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1-4 Axis Motor Controller


Standard Kit

  • Drive Motor Controller
  • Housed in rugged hand-carry case
  • Remote emergency stop


  • Motors
    • 1 to 4 Brushed DC motors
    • 2A Continuous, 6A Peak
    • Max output 150W across all axes
    • Brake, 24V, 250mA
  • Encoders
    • 5V, Single, Differential, Index, 20MHz
    • Isolated output to instrumentation
  • Limits
    • 24V, Forward, Backward, Home
    • NPN/PNP, NO/NC

General Purpose IO port

  • Used for peripheral hardware
  • Pneumatics, Sensors, Actuators
  • 5x 5V Digital Inputs and Outputs
  • 5V, 12V, 24V supplies

Integrated touch screen PC

  • Fully contained computer and control system
  • Export profiles to USB
  • Upgrade software via USB
  • Fully licensed Microsoft Windows 10
  • Fast start-up times
  • Uses consumer USB joypad/joysticks
  • Remotely accessible

Safety Features

  • On-board emergency stop
  • Compulsory remote emergency stop

International Power Supply

  • 90-250VAC
  • 50-60Hz

Weight & Dimensions

  • 485x392x192mm
  • 12Kg


  • Linear amplifiers provide 150W of motor power across all axes, for interference-free NDT signals
  • Fully contained computer and control system, eliminating the need for extra equipment and easier site access
  • Remote control via Ethernet or consumer joypad/joysticks. Can be left on sensitive inspection sites without an on-site inspections engineer
  • Fully customisable, built-in automated scan plans, reducing set-up times
  • Flexible GPIO interface permits synchronised control over other equipment e.g. pneumatics, sensors and cameras, offering a single control interface
  • Industry-standard military grade connector ensuring compatibility with existing scanning devices
  • Rugged, site ready construction

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