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Turbine Rotor Disc Inspection Manipulator

TRIM is designed for ultrasonic turbine disc testing. Twin carbon fibre telescopic arms carry a series of interchangeable probe pans to scan components. TRIM can also perform TOFD inspections using the appropriate probe head.

The Turbine Rotor Inspection Manipulator (TRIM) has been specifically designed for the ultrasonic testing of turbine discs. Twin carbon fibre telescopic arms working independently or in parallel carry a series of interchangeable probe pans to scan the disc shoulders, disc flank, disc neck, blade fixing flank, toroidal flanks and radii and disc periphery. TOFD inspection can also be carried out using the appropriate probe head.

The Phoenix turbine rotor disc inspection manipulator offers the power industry a machine for the accurate scanning of the disc bores, keyways and blade fixings of steam turbines.

The system incorporates the latest carbon fibre technology for lightness coupled with rigidity for accurate placement of the transducers, is compatible with conventional and phased array ultrasonic inspections and has a proven track record with major service providers in the field.

Downtime and loss of generation capacity is extremely expensive and the Phoenix manipulator has proved to be an extremely fast, efficient and accurate method for inspecting turbine discs.

The Phoenix Turbine Rotor Inspection system offers the following benefits:


  • Operation with Turbine in situ or on stands
  • Inspection for cracking from disc bores, keyways, blade fixings and button holes
  • Operates with a minimum distance between discs of 40mm
  • Accuracy of set up not critical except for parallelism
  • Ease of data interpretation with reliable and accurate probe positioning relative to the turbine not the track
  • High positional accuracy +/- 2.0mm or +/-0.5deg at 3 metres
  • No cranage required – 2 operators can set up
  • Fast to set up and operate – disc to disc time 60 seconds
Descrption MinimumMaximum
Disc ShoulderWidth10mm
Disc FlankAngle0 deg45 deg
Toroid Radius
(a) on which probes operate60mm
(b) transition flank shoulder25mm
Disc Periphery Radius465mm
Blade Periphery Radius2400mm
Disc Rim Separation40mm
Disc Blade Separation60mm
Neck Undercut50mm
Neck Undercut Radius50mm
Run Out1mm
Disc shoulder to blade tip2000mm
Length of Disc Stages(6000mm std)
Turbine Drift / revolution5mm
StandsShaft Height1500mm2500mm
Shaft Width200mm

Standard Kit:

  • Track section
  • Pedestal
  • Turntable
  • Arm mounting
  • Arm
  • Skewing head
  • Probe and pan assembly
  • Toroidal flank head
  • Shoulder pan

2 x Pedestal Case (Dimension 1035 x 970 x 1065mm)
1 x Rotary Table Case (Dimension 937 x 757 x 543mm)
1 x Track Arms and Ancillary Case (Dimension 2180 x 1055 x 620mm)


  • Transducers
  • Blade fixing pan
  • TOFD adapter
  • Radial alignment pan
  • Turbine rotation encoder
  • Digital protractor
  • Cabling
  • Axial drift encoder
  • Manipulator operating manual

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