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TOFD Caliper

Compact Single Axis Scanner

A compact, lightweight, user friendly single-axis scanner, the TOFD Caliper is the perfect tool to provide a quick and simple, manual weld inspection. It is very easy to setup with the probe separation being adjusted from a single thumb screw.


The TOFD Caliper operates in any orientation on surfaces from 3” NPS up to flat plate and is suitable for inspecting welds on pipework, pressure vessels, storage tanks and structural components.

Compatible with our full range of TOFD transducers and wedges, the TOFD Caliper frame allows the wedges to be easily clipped into the arms so that interchanging a wedge takes seconds. TOFD Wedges can be plastic, brass, or stainless steel and are available at 45°, 60° and 70° as standard.

The TOFD Caliper includes a high resolution, waterproof wheel encoder that can operate with any manufacturer’s instrumentation.

Often used as the ideal training tool, the TOFD Caliper is suitable for use by inspectors of any level due to its simplicity, reliability and quick wedge interchange.

  • ‘Plug in and go’ design
  • Fast, simple weld inspections with easily adjustable PCS
  • Operates on pipe diameters as small as 75mm
  • Compact ‘pocket-sized’ durable tool
  • Cost effective option for TOFD weld inspection
  • Ideal for position related A, B, D and echo dynamic scan data collection
  • Applicable to pipework, pressure vessels storage tanks and structural components
  • Fully adjustable probe centre separation (PCS) from 28mm to 160mm
  • Spring loaded waterproof wheel encoder. IP68 rated
  • Encoder resolution: 65 steps/mm
  • Quick release probe attachment via gimbaled holders
  • Compatible with full range of wedges and transducers

Standard Kit:

  • Caliper Frame
  • Spring loaded waterproof wheel encoder with 5m cable
  • Couplant tube and ‘Y’ connectors
  • Durable carrying case


  • Wide range of piezo-composite, non-composite, and mini TOFD Probes
  • TOFD Wedges available in plastic, brass and stainless steel
  • TOFD Plastic Wedge Set: 2 off each angle: 45°, 60° and 70° with M12 or M20 thread
  • Range of UT Cables
  • PRE-AMP-TOFD 40dB TOFD Pre Amplifier

Order Information:

  • Order code: AE-CALIPER
  • Please specify your instrument when ordering

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