High Temperature TOFD Wedges – Stainless Steel

Can be used with the full range of Phoenix scanners and DTOF transducers. The material used in this wedge is designed to withstand 200˚C, however the temperature limit of the transducer must be considered. Includes irrigation and gimbal pin options.

  • Contoured wedges available on request
Product CodeBeam AngleThread SizeW x L (mm) (Contact face)Wedge Delay (mm)Wedge Delay (µs)Emission Point
WTOFSSI HT 12/4545°M1230 x 207.12.908
WTOFSSI HT 12/6060°M1230 x 207.12.908
WTOFSSI HT 12/7070°M1230 x 207.02.868
WTOFSSI HT 20/4545°M2030 x 308.13.3113
WTOFSSI HT 20/6060°M2030 x 307.53.0613
WTOFSSI HT 20/7070°M2030 x 307.53.0613

Non-standard wedge angles available at additional cost.
Contoured wedges available at additional cost.

Wedge delay times measured at 20°C.

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