Delay Line Kits for TOFD Transducers

Standard Delay Line Kit

Standard Delay Line Kit and TOFD Probe

High Temp Delay Line Kit

Delay Line converter kits are a simple solution to incorporate a delay line in front of Phoenix ISL standard TOFD transducers. Delay Lines allow inspection of thinner materials by offsetting the initial pulse.

Kits include:

  • 10mm thick Delay Line
  • M12 or M20 thread size Collar
  • Standard Kits suitable for use up to 60°C

High Temperature Delay Lines

High Temperature Delay Lines are also available. Care should be taken to use the correct couplant for the temperature of the component to be inspected. As a general guideline duty cycles of no more than 10 seconds of contact with the hot surface, followed by one minute of air cooling time is advised.

  • Suitable for use up to 120°C
Product CodeKit DescriptionCollar Thread Size
M12-ST-DLINEStandard Temperature Delay Line KitM12
M20-ST-DLINEStandard Temperature Delay Line KitM20
M12-HT-DLINEHigh Temperature Delay Line KitM12
M20-HT-DLINEHigh Temperature Delay Line KitM20

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