De-mountable TOFD Wedges - Stainless Steel

For use with DTOF and CDTOF transducers. Manufactured in stainless steel with irrigation and gimbal pin options.

N.B. M30 thread Wedges are 40mm wide. All other wedges are 30mm wide.

  • Contoured wedges available on request
Product Code Beam AngleThread Size
WTOF-SSI-12/45 45°M12
WTOF-SSI-12/60 60°M12
WTOF-SSI-12/70 70°M12
WTOF-SSI-20/45 45°M20
WTOF-SSI-20/60 60°M20
WTOF-SSI-20/70 70°M20
WTOF-SSI-30/45 45°M30
WTOF-SSI-30/60 60°M30
WTOF-SSI-30/70 70°M30
COUPLANT SKIDS – FR 1 set per wedge (1 x front and 1 x rear)1 set per wedge (1 x front and 1 x rear)

Non-standard wedge angles available at additional cost.
Contoured wedges available at additional cost.

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