De-mountable TOFD Wedges - Brass

For use with DTOF and CDTOF transducers. Manufactured in brass with irrigation and gimbal pin options.
N.B. M30 thread Wedges are 40mm wide. All other wedges are 30mm wide.

  • Contoured wedges available on request
Product Code Beam AngleThread Size
WTOF-BI-12/45 45°M12
WTOF-BI-12/60 60°M12
WTOF-BI-12/70 70°M12
WTOF-BI-20/45 45°M20
WTOF-BI-20/60 60°M20
WTOF-BI-20/70 70°M20
WTOF-BI-30/45 45°M30
WTOF-BI-30/60 60°M30
WTOF-BI-30/70 70°M30
COUPLANT SKIDS – FR 1 set per wedge (1 x front and 1 x rear)1 set per wedge (1 x front and 1 x rear)

Non-standard wedge angles available at additional cost.
Contoured wedges available at additional cost.

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