Automated Single Crystal Shear Wave Transducers

ASSW 45° Probe

ASSW 60° Probe

ASSW 70° Probe

Manufactured in a 30 x 30mm case with gimbal pins, ASSW probes are designed for use with the extensive range of Phoenix manual and automated scanners. Suitable for use in scanners with 30 x 30mm forks for general purpose testing of welds, plate, pipe tubing, castings and forgings. Supplied with:

  • Couplant irrigation, electrically isolated connector and M4 gimbal mountings
  • Lemo 00 connectors
Product CodeFrequency MHzCrystal Diameter (mm)Probe Size L x W x H (mm)Angle A°Connector
ASSW 2/*A21030 x 30 x 28 70,60,45,38Lemo 00
ASSW 2.5/*A2.51030 x 30 x 28 70,60,45,38Lemo 00
ASSW 4/*A41030 x 30 x 28 70,60,45,38Lemo 00

*A – please insert angle required. For non-standard angles add £50.

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