Phased Array Transducers

Linear Phased Array Probes

PA-W20-5L16 Phased Array Probes

PA-W30-5L32 Phased Array Probes

PA-W40-5L32 Phased Array Probes

PA-W40-5L64 Phased Array Probes

PA-W70-5L60 Phased Array Probes

PA-WBRA-7.5L16 Phased Array Probes

Phased Array Probe Case

High performance linear phased array probes – available to order from stock – are designed with piezo-composite elements and provide high resolution imaging to maximise sensitivity, accurate ultrasonic detection and sizing of defects in welds and effective corrosion mapping of various materials. Compatible with market leading instruments and the Phoenix ISL range of phased array wedges.

Supplied with:

  • Integral cable and IPEX connector*
  • Array characterisation report
  • Carry case

Phased Array Probe Product Codes

Product CodeFrequency MHzNo. of ElementsPitch (mm)Aperture A (mm)Element 1 to End of Case B
Elevation (mm)External Length
External Width
External Height
  • The above phased array probes are available to order from stock
  • Other specification phased array probes available upon request

*Other connector types available to order, upon request

Phased Array Transducer Product Code Generator and Schematic

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