Standard Temperature Twin Crystal Compression Wave Transducers

SSTC 4/10 Probe

SSTC 4/6 Probe

The SSTC range are housed in a durable steel case with side entry connections, which enable the fitting of a detachable tracking facility.

Product CodeFrequency MHzTwin Crystal Dia (mm)Nominal Focus (mm)Probe Size Dia x H (mm)Connector
SSTC 2/202202831 x 41Lemo 00
SSTC 2.5/102.5101220 x 33Lemo 00
SSTC 4/646812 x 24Subvis
SSTC 4/104101220 x 33Lemo 00
SSTC 4/204202831 x 41Lemo 00
SSTC 5/105101220 x 33Lemo 00
SSTC 5/205202831 x 41Lemo 00
SSTC 10/6 10mm Ø case106312 x 25Side Entry Subvis
SSTC 10/6 18mm Ø case106320 x 33Lemo 00

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