IR Emitters

IR Emitter 6mm

IR Emitter 10mm

IR Emitter 20mm

Phoenix offer a range of infrared emitters that can be fitted temporarily or permanently to the range of corrosion mapping probes. These emitters when used in conjunction with a C-Scan system enable accurate corrosion maps to be generated whilst still scanning the work piece manually.

  • Supplied as standard with Lemo 00 connectors

Product CodeDescription
DEM-6 Push OnInfrared emitter for 6mm range. Push fit onto 10mm dia probe. 2m cable
DEM-6 Glue OnInfrared emitter glue on any probe
DEM-10 Push OnInfrared emitter for 10mm range. Push fit onto 10-18mm dia probes. 2m cable
DEM-20 Push OnInfrared emitter for 20mm range. Push fit onto 29mm dia probe max. 2m cable
PermanentFor fitting to SSTC 4/10 Probe 2m cable

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