Twin Crystal Compression Wave Transducers

TC 4/10S Probe

10mm Probe with Wear Ring

Pit Probe

Wear Rings for 10mm and 20mm Probes

TC 5/10L Probe

20mm Probe with Wear Ring

Twin crystal compression wave probes are suitable for use on corroded and pitted surfaces, thickness measurement, brazed joint testing and for lamination detecting. High gain and resolution are achieved with a very low cross-talk.

Product CodeFrequency MHzCrystal Diameter (mm)Nominal Focus (mm)Probe Size Dia x H (mm)Connector
TC 2.5/102.5101227 x 30Subvis/Lemo 00
TC 4/104101227 x 30Subvis/Lemo 00
TC 5/105101227 x 30Subvis/Lemo 00
TC 5/10 SF510827 x 30Subvis/Lemo 00
TC 1/201202840 x 35Subvis/Lemo 00
TC 2/202202840 x 35Subvis/Lemo 00
TC 4/204202840 x 35Subvis/Lemo 00
TC 5/205202840 x 35Subvis/Lemo 00
PIT-PROBE52 (4 x 4)6L 7 x W 19 x H 34Subvis
Options Manual Transducers
Wear Rings (only on TC 10mm and 20mm crystal dia probes)
Contouring per probe (please specify relative to beam direction)


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