Single Crystal Compression Wave Transducers

Single crystal compression wave probes are used to measure thickness and detect flaws on plates, bars, forgings and castings.

Product CodeFrequency MHzCrystal Diameter (mm)Probe Size Dia x H (mm)Connector
SC 1/2012040 x 35Subvis/Lemo 00
SC 2/2022040 x 35Subvis/Lemo 00
SC 2.5/102.51027 x 30Subvis/Lemo 00
SC 4/1041027 x 30Subvis/Lemo 00
SC 4/2042040 x 35Subvis/Lemo 00
SC 5/1051027 x 30Subvis/Lemo 00
SC 5/2052040 x 35Subvis/Lemo 00

Resin face available on request.

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