June 10, 2016

The 2016 World Conference on NDT (WCNDT) will see Phoenix Inspection Systems Ltd. launch a new manual scanning solution for the inspection of nozzle welds in both set-through and set-on configurations. Live demonstrations of NozzleScan will take place on the Phoenix exhibition stand (No. FE15) at WCNDT in Germany, from 13th -17th June.

Low profile NozzleScanVersatile in design, NozzleScan is available in both two-axis and three-axis instrument configurations and is adaptable to cover a wide range of 90-degree nozzle sizes, from 3” OD upwards, on ferritic and austenitic materials.
Attaching to the branch component, the innovative modular design offers a variety of configurations to encode circumferential and weld offset positions as the scanner travels around the nozzle.
NozzleScan features an overhead gimballed probe holder which allows the operator to hold the transducer conventionally for a more tactile inspection. Probe skew orientation is also changeable, a critical requirement for inspecting many nozzles, and can be free-running or accurately adjustable with the additional option of being encoded as a third axis, if required.

Andrew Brewis, Sales Manager at Phoenix Inspection Systems said: “The NozzleScan was developed to satisfy the increasing demand for a solution specifically suited to the inspection of nozzle welds. With its exceptional versatility, it is already proving to be of great interest to NDT professionals within the industry, providing a tailor-made solution configured to precisely meet their inspection needs.”