December 2, 2015

The Couplant Delivery System (CDS) is a new battery-powered water pump from Phoenix Inspection Systems to deliver couplant for ultrasonic inspections.
Specifically designed for on-site use, CDS is a rugged, portable, low-pulsation, self-priming pump that delivers constant pressure with a tunable flow rate.

Phoenix launches a rugged, portable Couplant Delivery System (CDS).Benefitting inspectors by alleviating the need for manual water sprayers, CDS also provides the advantage of an integrated battery providing up to six hours of continuous use in the field to carry out on-site inspections when a power source is not readily available.
When coupling with water alone will not suffice, viscous liquids such as gelling agents or oils can also be used with the CDS to improve coupling on particularly rough surfaces and produce the most reliable inspections.
Paul Chapman, Sales Engineer at Phoenix Inspection Systems said: CDS delivers clear benefits to inspectors, with the convenience of reliable, automated pumping from a portable, battery-operated unit. It excels when used with waterbox scanning tools maintaining constant pressure to top up any leaks with minimal water usage helping the supply tank to last longer. Positioned competitively at a low pricing point, it is an essential on-site accessory. CDS compliments the range of manual and automated ultrasonic scanners available from Phoenix.