August 5, 2015

Phoenix Inspection Systems Ltd is pleased to announce the launch of SAW the Bug (Single Axis Weld scanner) a motorised magnetic-wheeled buggy for the inspection of circumferential welds on carbon steel pipelines and vessels.

Phoenix launches SAW Bug, a new motorised weld inspection scanner

SAW Bug incorporates many of the proven features of the Phoenix dual-axis MagScan with the package streamlined for a much lower price point to enable cost-effective automated inspections in a simple user-friendly kit.
The four-wheel drive system delivers constant speed whether ascending or descending the inspection surface and the powerful magnetic buggy provides excellent grip and performance that can overcome small obstructions, providing the operator with the most accurate data possible.
A standard SAW Bug holds four probes: typically, two phased array and two TOFD but can accommodate up to six ultrasonic probes in a compact design, making it adaptable for the inspection of a wide range of welds from 4 pipes up to large vessels.
Andrew Brewis, Sales Manager at Phoenix Inspection Systems said: “SAW Bug is a great new addition to the Phoenix range of scanners. It is compatible with industry-standard instrumentation, providing inspection engineers with a no-fuss, low-cost weld inspection product.”
If you would like to see a demonstration of SAW Bug visit Andrew on stand B7 at Materials Testing 2015, The International Centre, Telford, UK from 8-10 September 2015. Or visit