April 16, 2020
PA Eclipse

Phoenix Inspection Systems Limited have collaborated with Eclipse Scientific to enable customers to easily set up their scan plan through the ES BeamTool 9 software. The latest software release gives customers the ability to easily configure their Phoenix ISL phased array probes and wedges to ensure they have the best scanning coverage possible through great simulation.

BeamTool was designed to meet the modern operator’s need for speed. Phased array technique development is more complex than that for conventional ultrasonic inspection and as such requires effective software tools to help define the inspection approach. Successful inspections start with a plan and new and existing users of Phoenix ISL’s phased array probes can now benefit from the partnership with BeamTool to make it easy to model, validate and document their phased array inspection plans with confidence.

More about BeamTool Phased Array

BeamTool’s innovative approach to phased array enables linear, sectorial and an informative reference cursor option to be represented, helping to clearly convey weld coverage, HAZ coverage and probe position, in addition to critical dimensions. The beamset parameters dialog displays a visual representation of the transducer elements that are used to form the beamset. Beam spread visualization allows you to more accurately see your beamset coverage for a specific dB drop, and near field visualization ensures that any focusing being performed is within the near field. True Depth, Projection and Half Path focus types can be visualized in your workspace and documented in your technique report.

More about Phoenix ISL Phased Array Probes

High performance linear phased array probes, available to order from stock in a range of 5MHz – 7.5MHz and from 16 to 64 elements (other frequencies and specifications are available upon request). Designed with piezo-composite elements, Phoenix ISL phased array probes provide high resolution imaging to maximise sensitivity, accurate ultrasonic detection and sizing of defects in welds and effective corrosion mapping of various materials. Housed in a rugged stainless steel case for all industrial NDT applications and compatible with the Phoenix ISL range of phased array wedges.