January 16, 2020

Phoenix Inspection Systems Limited has announced that it has recently been awarded a contract by Framatome to supply custom-design scanning solutions for non-destructive testing inspections within the primary circuit of Boiling Water Reactors (BWR) and Pressurised Water Reactors (PWR) within nuclear power plants in Finland.

The automated solutions will be deployed inside the Reactor Pressure Vessel (RPV) using remotely operated vehicles to inspect branch nozzles. In-service inspections are critical to monitor and maintain the integrity of the nozzles and to ensure the performance and efficiency of the reactor.

Phoenix ISL is proud to be awarded this challenging project and with over 35 years’ experience in developing and manufacturing customised solutions for the nuclear power industry; Framatome will benefit from the experience and extensive expertise of the team at Phoenix ISL to deliver a fleet of efficient ultrasonic NDT scanning solutions.

Framatome contract
Pictured Left to Right: Wayne Jones (James Fisher Nuclear), Andrew Brewis, David Barr and Bryan Forth (Phoenix ISL), Dustin Pischke (Framatome) and Harald Schaefer (Framatome). During a site visit to James Fisher Nuclear to look at opportunities to combine Phoenix ultrasonic solutions with remotely operated vehicles (ROV’s).