November 29, 2013

Phoenix Inspection Systems has improved its TOFD and phased array probe holding toolpost for use in its existing range of scanners.
The latest version of the toolpost a fundamental component of the MagMan, MultiMag, Swipe, and several bespoke scanners offers versatility and has been redesigned with the operator in mind. Whilst maintaining the key features of its predecessor, such as constant force loading, ball-slide carriage, and dual-axis gimballing, the new toolpost offers several improvements.

toolpost a fundamental component on the MagMan, MultiMag, SwipePut those Allen keys and screwdrivers away! Probes and wedges can now be changed without tools, using thumb screws on the side plates to release the probe. The thumb screws are captive so that they are not misplaced, as is the attaching bolt that fixes the toolpost to the scanner frame to enable quick repositioning of the probe.
If desired, it is possible to quickly and easily reconfigure the toolpost to change the direction that it faces, removing the question of whether spares or a particular setup requires a left-handed or right-handed version.

Neil Hankinson, Head of Applied Engineering at Phoenix, said: “We constantly review our products to ensure we are offering customers the best design and value. An important design aspect for Phoenix is modularity so that a small number of parts can be put together in multiple ways to meet the needs of a broad range of applications.”