November 29, 2012

Phoenix Inspection Systems has launched a new double-sided version of its popular Bracelet pipe scanner which can be used for both TOFD and phased array inspection.
The new Bracelet is suitable for use on all small-bore pipework, including carbon steel and stainless steel, ranging from 0.5 to 6 Nominal Pipe Size, with the unique design allowing speedy set-up for all sizes in between. The Bracelet is supplied single-sided for pipe-to-fitting inspections and straight welds, or dual-sided for complete weld inspection in one scan.

New Bracelet scanner is suitable for TOFD and Phased ArrayThe Bracelet is a lightweight, low-profile scanner designed to be sure-footed and easy to use. It fits securely to the pipe using the bracelet mechanism which, together with the rubber wheels, prevents slippage. Meanwhile, the integrated miniature encoder running on the surface of the pipe provides positional feedback.
The Bracelet can operate in areas of limited access, with a minimum envelope of just 0.5 (13mm). It can also be fed around the pipe past neighbouring obstructions to provide a 360° inspection when only half the pipe is accessible.
Paul Ryan, Sales Manager at Phoenix, said: “Since its launch two years ago, the Bracelet has become very popular as a semi-automatic inspection solution deployed instead of radiography. The original was designed for phased array inspection of boiler tubes.”

However, at the customer’s request, we have added a TOFD capability to this latest version and made it suitable for a wider range of applications, including general butt welds. It is now an ideal solution for all small-bore pipework and enhances further our range of TOFD scanners, probes, and accessories.

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