June 11, 2012

A NEW scanner from Phoenix Inspection Systems takes a systematic approach to corrosion mapping, allowing rapid inspection of large areas of pipework and vessels.
The MapMan, a two-axis manual X-Y scanner, has been designed for use with linear array transducers for fast area coverage and can be configured to mount probes such as the Olympus HydroFORM, the Sonatest Wheel Probe, or conventional 0° wedges.

MapMan offers systematic approach to corrosion mappingThe MapMan scans circumferentially and indexes axially along the pipe with the transducer carriage locking into pre-defined increment grooves on a rail. The increment step has been set to provide data overlap ensuring that no areas have been missed.
MapMan (click to enlarge)Magnetic wheels provide rigidity and stability while the increment rail enables quick and accurate positioning. The system eliminates the need to rescan areas and allows rapid and cost-effective collection of data.
The MapMan can inspect pipes from diameter through to flat plate and can be used on pipes, tanks, and vessels. Its unique free-moving arm allows for inspection up to a maximum stroke of 550mm. For non-ferritic materials, the modular system allows the magnetic wheels to be replaced by a belt at either end.
Karl Quirk, managing director of Phoenix Inspection Systems, said the Mapman was originally designed as a result of customer demand: a number of our customers were using the HydroFORM probe system but required a scanner for use with it that was designed around an operating technique to suit the field engineers.
The MapMan incorporates all of the field engineers’ requirements it holds the probe securely, improves data collection, is easy to use, and allows rapid corrosion mapping over large areas of pipework.