Sp-Arc provides unique corrosion mapping solution

This year’s NACE International Corrosion Exhibition will see Phoenix Inspection Systems Ltd launch a unique scanner that provides continuous corrosion mapping along unlimited lengths of small bore pipework.

The innovative design of the new Sp-Arc scanner offers fast corrosion assessment longitudinally of a sector of the pipe circumference, with coverage of up to 120° in a single scan.

The main element of the scanner is an irrigated water box housing a curved ultrasonic phased array probe. The water box is set concentric to the pipe surface and seals Sp-Arc to the pipe with replaceable low friction foam gaskets to provide immersion quality ultrasonic data with excellent near-surface resolution.

Equipped with an adjustable buggy and four high strength magnetic wheels, Sp-Arc is ideally suited for inspecting the important underside of ferritic pipes. Available with multiple water boxes to suit the full range of small bore pipe diameters from 1” – 4” NPS, Sp-Arc is a versatile tool for measuring wall thickness.

The Sp-Arc scanner will be officially launched at the NACE International Corrosion Exhibition in Dallas, Texas later this month. Andrew Brewis, Sales Manager – Key Accounts at Phoenix Inspection Systems, said “Phoenix is always striving to be at the forefront of technology and innovation and with our latest product, the Sp-Arc, we feel we have again delivered a product that is not only unique but delivers a cost-effective corrosion mapping solution to the end user.”

If you would like to see the Sp-Arc scanner in action visit Andrew for a demonstration on Booth #24017, NACE International Corrosion Exhibition or visit https://www.phoenixisl.com/sp-arc