With over 30 years’ experience Phoenix ISL has an extensive range of systems designed specifically for the nuclear sector which, when combined with our solutions for the inspection of steam turbine and generators, means we can offer our customers a single source for equipment to inspect critical power plant components. Phoenix ISL supplies NDT inspection systems to utilities and inspection providers for the pre-service and in-service inspection of primary circuit components, from the reactor pressure vessel through to secondary coolant loop piping and has experience in the following nuclear reactor types:

  • Pressurised Water Reactors (PWR, EPR)
  • Boiling Water Reactors (BWR)
  • Advanced Gas Cooled Reactors (AGR)
  • Fusion Reactors (ITER)

Plant Specific Applications: PWR & EPR

Phoenix produces ultrasonic inspection systems and probes for the inspection of the nozzles, pipework and specific components found on the Pressurised Water Reactor (PWR) and the Evolutionary Pressurised Reactor (EPR). Phoenix ISL has supplied inspection manipulators for many of the critical welds on the PWR:

Pressurised Water Reactor & Evolutionary Pressurised Reactor

1Reactor Pressure Vessel – inlet and outletTENIS & 
2Primary circuit – Branch nozzles and Nozzle
to shell welds
3Pressuriser – spray nozzleSIRUS
4Pressuriser – surge line nozzleAPSIS
5Steam generator hot and cold leg nozzlesMaxi SAGE
6,7Secondary circuit – Feedwater and main steam
line welds
8Steam generator – Channel head to tube sheet weldCHIM
9Reactor head – Control rod drive mechanism
(CDRM) housing
10Reactor coolant pump – Flange bolt threads
and Flywheel keyway

Boiling Water Reactor – BWR

Primary Pipework Inspection

PET Scanner

Reactor pipework within a BWR is ferritic with a stainless steel internal cladding. The composite structure of the pipework means that the integrity of the cladding needs to be monitored. As the parent pipe is ferritic, magnetic crawlers can be used for scanning. Phoenix ISL were commissioned by BKW of Switzerland to develop a system capable of scanning pipework from 4” up to 20” diameter around the full circumference of the straight sections of the pipework and the extrados on the bends. The design maximises the scanning achievable for minimalaccess to the reactor containment.

Robotic Inspection

Nozzle Inspect Robot

Phoenix ISL can develop new methods for the inspection of nuclear power plant and previous work has concentrated on the application of robotics to provide adaptable solutions to the inspection of nuclear components in fabrication,
pre-service and in-service inspection.

Programmes include work on NozzleInspect, a €1.4 Million EU funded research project, in conjunction with companies from five other European countries and TWI in the UK. Phoenix ISL have also had an EPSRC Engineering Doctorate programme with the Reseach centre for Non Destructive Evaluation (RCNDE), to develop autonomous vehicles and portable robotic arms. Phoenix ISL have supported a number of clients in the development of portable robotic inspection systems for the inspection of critical nuclear components.


ITER Reactor

Phoenix ISL were involved in the early stages of the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor development programme, working with Fusion for Energy (F4E), Iberdrola and AMEC. Projects for the programme have been on the development of:

  • Techniques for the inspection during manufacture of the First Wall Panel, the inner wall of the pressure vessel, which uses Hot Isostatic Pressed (HIP) joining of beryllium, copper alloys and stainless steel flat and tubular interfaces.
  • Inspection techniques for the pressure vessel segment welds, in particular the splice joint site welds, where scanning access is restricted, and the proposed use of austenitic stainless steel narrow gap welds makes the inspection techniques more challenging.


Mission Critical Inspections

The Advanced Gas Reactor (AGR) is a gas cooled reactor design used in the majority of the United Kingdom nuclear fleet. Phoenix have worked closely with the U.K. nuclear industry for many years producing bespoke systems for the inspection of AGR and Magnox stations.

Phoenix ISL have been called upon for mission critical inspections of the UK fleet where our experience and flexible approach, with a problem solving ethos have been recognised as vital to the success of the project.

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Custom Design Solutions

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