Image showing someone working on an airplane from underneath for NDT inspection.

NDT Inspection for Aerospace offers a safe and reliable method to inspect aircraft components and ensures the safety, airworthiness and efficiency of an airframe and components. NDT inspection can be a fast and cost-effective procedure in the early identification of defects.

Phoenix ISL design and manufactures NDT solutions for new aircraft and in-service MRO inspections. The range provides integrity testing of bonds and composite components including wing spars, aerofoils, stringers, and leading edge.

Corrosion mapping or ‘C-Scan’ is a UT application used for the inspection of composite materials, often found in airframes and components. Results for corrosion mapping provide a high degree of repeatability and the advantage of position and size data for every flaw which can be compared for repeat scans of the same area to track flaw growth or corrosion rates.

Advantages of Ultrasonic Inspection:

  • Safe and Economical method
  • Provides instant results
  • Can detect most defect types
  • Provides early warning for maintenance and repair resulting in less disruption to scheduled flights
  • Can generate instant reliable data providing useful information to predict and prevent unscheduled maintenance
  • Facilitates defect management

Custom Design Solutions

Can’t find a solution that suits your aerospace inspection requirements?

If our current solutions do not meet your exact requirements, we can modify an existing system or, should the situation demand, design a completely new customised solution.

Contact us with a brief outline of your NDT inspection requirements and we can provide an initial proposal for a solution that best suits your needs. Or call to discuss your rail inspection requirements.

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