May 20, 2020
Phoenix ISL TOFD

Following the first successful collaboration between Phoenix Inspection Systems Limited and Eclipse Scientific, the partnership has added the range of Phoenix ISL TOFD probes and wedges to ES BeamTool 9 software, enabling customers to easily set up their scan plan.

BeamTool’s Time-Of-Flight Diffraction support provides tools to visualize and confirm zonal coverage. TOFD techniques can be automatically annotated with cross-over dimensions and dead-zone depiction. Probe Center Separation (PCS) can easily be defined by selecting the cross-over depth required and BeamTool automatically positions the probes to target the inspection requirements.

The latest addition to the BeamTool software ensures customers can configure their Phoenix ISL TOFD probes and wedges to provide the best scanning coverage possible through great simulation.

More about Phoenix ISL TOFD Probes and Wedges

Time-of-flight diffraction (TOFD) transducers and wedges generate refracted longitudinal waves in steel. These highly damped longitudinal wave probes provide a high resolution and performance suitable for ultrasonic testing on welds. Phoenix manufactures composite and non-composite TOFD transducers of varying frequencies from 2MHz to 15MHz and crystal diameters ranging from approximately 3mm (0.125″) to 20mm (0.787″). To accompany the Phoenix range is a wide selection of TOFD wedges manufactured from durable plastic, brass or stainless steel to suit varying inspection environments.