October 1, 2015

A new ultrasonic array roller probe from Phoenix Inspection Systems has been launched which can deliver fast immersion quality C-scan inspections in the palm of your hand.
Ergonomic in design and weighing just one kilo, R-Evolution has been developed to minimise operator fatigue, in particular when inspecting large areas and for overhead inspections.

C6754 Phoenix Inspection Scanner machinery

R-Evolution is an ultrasonic array probe housed in a lightweight water-filled roller. A durable thin tyre allows high-frequency probes, up to 10MHz, to be used to give excellent near-surface resolution enabling the inspection of thin components.
R-Evolutions buggy self-normalises on curved surfaces ensuring the array is always perpendicular without adjustment. The buggy handle features two line lasers for guidance and buttons that can be configured with appropriate instruments to start, stop, or increment scans.
Andrew Brewis, Sales Manager at Phoenix Inspection Systems said: “R-Evolution will be particularly useful to inspection engineers in the Aerospace industry for in-service C-scans, bond inspection, and delamination or defect detection in composites. In addition to inspection applications for Wind Energy Blade spar, leading and trailing edge bond inspection and for corrosion mapping of pipelines and vessels and bond testing on overlapping joints.”

More information: R-Evolution ultrasonic array roller probe